Dai Suki Goi The UK's No 1 Koi Supplies Company

Founded in 1997 

Are to always maintain or improve our quality and standards.
To provide a friendly and informative relationship with our customers and fellow Koi Keepers.
To be the best at what we produce for the best value it can be produced at.
To be the best at what we produce for the best value it can be produced at.
To produce products and packaging in an environmentally friendly way, of which the benefits of can be passed onto the customer. 

Dai Suki Goi Ltd, have products which include specialist food and treatments for Koi and Koi pools.

Our exclusive devotion to the Cyprinoids gives us the specialist knowledge needed to help our customers.

The main purpose of this site is to share our knowledge with hobbyists and professionals around the world, who may also benifit from our products.

The site is split into 4 categories where the main information can be found. With products, retailers, treatments and links page with post codes.

Gallery, the gallery is of ponds which we keep or have built for customers with their specific needs. The Koi are a sample which have been exclusively fed with our food and the water quality maintained with our water treatments.

We  specialise in Koi food and the treatment of Koi and find that with good water quality, warmth and the correct food, these fish respond well. With improvements in skin quality, lustre, colour and growth that is exceptionally good, providing the water tempretures can be maintained at an elevated, and steady and constant level.

The key element to looking after these living jewels is providing a healthy environment, with constant and stable water quality. Keeping harmful bacteria at bay is paramount and we use and believe in Chloramine T or Virkon Aquatic.

Please feel free to visit our site as often as you like. Any questions relating to Koi or any of our products please send us a mail at info@daisuki.co.uk and we will answer as soon as possible.


Andy and all at Dai Suki Goi Ltd

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